Abd is waiting for a home, just like hundreds of other status holders During the open AZC-day, I visited the former Bijlmer Bajes. There, I met Abd. Abd is an architect from Syria who arrived in the Netherlands one year ago. After having lived in several asylum seeking centers, he recently received his status.
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You have probably already seen Moe. As an active person his volunteering efforts have cropped up on videos for the news agencies AJ+ and Brandpunt+, amongst others. Moe is the only member of the Takecarebnb team so far with the expert position of having been both a guest and a volunteer. I caught up with him to ask about his experience as a guest and why he thinks the Takecarebnb process is important.
Carmen Ortiz GuillenMoe
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Snelle integratie!?

This entry is only available in Dutch. Hanneke Jansen heeft een tijdje haar huis opengesteld voor Mahmoud, een Syrische vluchteling. Hanneke is ook voorzitter van het bestuur van het Amsterdams Buurvrouwen Contact (ABC). Het ABC is een vrijwilligersorganisatie die anderstalige, geïsoleerde vrouwen helpt op weg naar zelfredzaamheid.
Jowieke EntingSnelle integratie!?
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As I enter the next stage I’ll be starting a new life


At a dinner for host families I meet Monica. She is bright eyed, intelligent and honest. Monica is hosting Syrian sisters Amal and Sabah at her home in Amsterdam. She is an adventurous person, having travelled to many different countries over her lifetime. ‘After a while I began to realize what a good life I had, what an easy life. So it seemed the right thing to do to share my life with others.’
Jowieke EntingAs I enter the next stage I’ll be starting a new life
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Spelevaren op een vluchtelingenboot

This entry is only available in Dutch.

Mohammad al Masri (24 jaar, “Moe” voor vrienden) kan slecht tegen stilzitten en afwachten. Leven betekent voor Mohammad zelf verantwoordelijkheid nemen. Hij vertrok uit Syrië en probeert in Nederland een nieuw leven op te bouwen. Hij werkt als vrijwilliger bij rederij Lampedusa, die mensen rondvaart op gebruikte vluchtelingenboten. “Vluchteling vind ik geen goed woord. Ik noem mezelf liever nieuwkomer.”
AdminSpelevaren op een vluchtelingenboot
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This entry is only available in Dutch.

In Ottoland kwam Abdallah een weekend logeren bij Karin en Marten, klaar om via Takecarebnb tijdelijk bij dit gastgezin te gaan wonen. Bijzonder genoeg kreeg Abdallah na dit logeerweekend al een eigen flat in Helmond, maar hebben Abdallah en zijn gastgezin besloten om samen verder te gaan totdat de Nederlandse lessen in Abdallah’s nieuwe gemeente beginnen.
Jowieke EntingAbdallah
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It is healing to be in an environment like this

Basketball coach Alaa Al Tarcha has been living in 28-year-old Sarah’s spare room for the past two months. He says they get on very well and he loves the experience of living with a Dutch person. “You are in Dutch culture: you learn what they eat, what they drink, what makes them happy, what makes them sad”. These are all invaluable lessons for someone wanting to assimilate in a new country.
Jowieke EntingIt is healing to be in an environment like this
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They were there for us in our very worst days

Photo: Franklin Heijnen (for illustration and not related to the people in this article) Mohammad and Hassan are refugees from Iraq. They are friendly, thoughtful and quick to smile. After being persecuted for their homosexuality they were forced to flee. Upon arriving at their refugee center (AZC) they were immediately singled out: like most couples, Mohammad and Hassan have the endearing trait of unconsciously dressing similarly. Other residents concluded they were gay and began to victimize them. This eventually led to Mohammad being attacked.
Jowieke EntingThey were there for us in our very worst days
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