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Do you have the space in your home to accommodate a refugee to stay with you for up to three months? We can help you to arrange this in the best way. We are convinced that with the right guidance and preparation this special arrangement will be a great experience for you and your guest. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions and experiences of families. Are you already sure you would like to host; please register. Do you have more questions – please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

preferences for a guest and your expectations. We also ask you to introduce yourself to a guest. Based on your answers, we set up a profile. A matchmaker will contact you and invite you for an interview. During this interview you discuss your profile and complete it. Then we look for a suitable match. Check here for a complete overview of the matching and placement process.

These are carefully stored and not shared with any third party without your permission.

Encourage the guest to sign in for a “Taalmaatje”(initiative of Vluchtelingenwerk). Assist your guest to find a church, mosque or sports club.

The guest arrangement of the Central Agency for the Reception of asylum seekers means that a refugee with the residence permit is allowed to stay at another address outside of the refugee center for a maximum period of three months. The exact terms and conditions can be found on the COA website

We assume that your guest will move to a private home within three months. If this is not the case, he or she will go back to the refugee center. This necessitates two-week advance notification to COA. Extension of the guest arrangement is possible, but not at the same address.

Guests and host families agree among themselves about this. Matchmakers discuss this issue during the interview with the host family and with the guest. We do not give advice or guidance on this matter.

Yes, that’s allowed. They fall under exactly the same rules as Dutch citizens. Any earnings must be reported to the COA (Central Agency for the reception of Asylum Seekers), as they will be deducted from the COA allowance.

Yes, but refugees who live in refugee centre or with a host family must be able to report to the COA within one day, for example to accept a house. This happens on weekdays, so it is possible to travel at the weekend, or as long as you can be back within one day.

All refugees with a residence permit automatically have health insurance. It is important to check whether your accidental claims insurance also covers any damage caused to or by lodgers. This may vary per insurance.

No, the guest scheme does not affect welfare benefits or municipal taxes. You can find the exact rules and conditions at the COA website.

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