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Takecarebnb makes it possible that refugees who hold a residence permit can temporarily stay with Dutch host families while waiting for their own home

The Netherlands are confronted with large groups of refugees. People who can no longer live in safety in their own country and are forced to leave their homes. Here they are temporarily housed in AZC’s (asylum centers), waiting for a residence permit. Those who obtain a ‘status’ and are allowed to live and work in the Netherlands, often wait for months in AZC’s on a house of their own. These centers are spread throughout the country, but at the same time isolated from Dutch society: refugees are during that period restricted in contact with the Dutch language, culture and customs.

Many people are willing to help. For example, by taking them into their home, while they are waiting for an own home. COA (Central Agency for the Shelter of Asylum Seekers) offers a stay arrangement with Dutch families of up to three months. Takecarebnb arranges a solid matching between refugees and host families. This way Takecarebnb contributes to the integration of the refugees on the one hand and on the other hand we offer families the opportunity to offer help in a concrete and at the same time life enriching manner.

Takecarebnb believes that:

  • when people come into contact with each other, this creates mutual understanding and reduces fear of the unknown;
  • the temporary stay in a Dutch household helps the process of integration;
  • active participation in society supports learning of the Dutch language;
  • contacts or friendships often arise, which may have positive effects long after the guest arrangements.


A home while you wait for a home


Our volunteers bring families and guests (refugees with a residence permit) in contact with each other through a careful matching and placement process.

  • Host families and guests each complete the registration form.
  • We arrange an appointment with our experienced matchmakers for an interview.
  • We match the guest and host family with each other on the basis of their profiles and an extensive matching process.
  • We arrange a meeting at the home of the host family, accompanied by a matchmaker.
  • When both parties agree there will be a 'test' weekend to determine if the match is viable.
  • After the 'test' weekend both parties have a period of five day to think about it.
  • If both the family and guests are positive, the refugee applies for a guest arrangement at the COA.
  • With the arrangement family and guest(s) are assigned to each other for (up to) three months. If the guest gets permanent housing before the end of this period, the arrangement is completed earlier.
  • The matchmakers of Takecarebnb keep in touch with both family and guest(s) during the arrangements.


Takecarebnb is a volunteer organization consisting of an enthusiastic team of professionals. We all contribute, from our own expertise, to the integration of refugees into Dutch society.

(Health)care professionals ensure a good match between host families and refugees. We call them our ‘matchmakers’. In addition, there are the volunteers who support the process in practical sense and who manage communications (website, social media, press and publicity, etc.).

Takacarebnb is ANBI-foundation and as such has an oversight board and management board. The management board is responsible for developing and implementing of the policy, fundraising, financial management and internal and external communication and managing the volunteers on a daily basis. The oversight board bares the end responsibility and ensures the integrity of management board.

Background information Takecarebnb

Want to learn more about our goals or our policy? Download our policy plan here (currently only in Dutch).

A report (in Dutch) about our recent activities can be downloaded here.

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