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Are you a refugee with a valid residence permit? Waiting for a private house in a refugee center and would you prefer to stay temporarily with a Dutch family? We would love to bring you in contact with a Dutch family. We believe that a temporary stay with a host family helps you to get to know the Dutch society, language and culture and makes it easier to build a new life. During your stay you will use the guest arrangement of COA. You will retain all rights and your place on the waiting list for a private home. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions and experiences of other guests. Are you already sure you would like to reside with a Dutch host family, you can register immediately. Do you have more questions, please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply when you:

  • are in possession of a valid residence permit
  • are 21 or older
  • speak English or speak (a little) Dutch
  • and of course if you think it is fun and useful to spend some time with a Dutch family

The guest arrangement means that you stay at another address for a maximum period of three months. The exact terms and conditions can be found on the COA website.

We hope that you can move within three months to a private home. If not, you can return to the refugee center. This necessitates two-week advance notification to COA. Extension of the guest arrangement is possible, but not at the same address.

Yes, this is possible. Make arrangements for this with your host family.

Yes, but it will be two weeks before there is room for you again at the AZC.

You must make arrangements about that with the family before you go to stay with them.

Yes, that’s allowed. They fall under exactly the same rules as Dutch citizens. Any earnings must be reported to the COA (Central Agency for the reception of Asylum Seekers), as they will be deducted from the COA allowance.

Yes, but refugees who live in refugee centre or with a host family must be able to report to the COA within one day, for example to accept a house. This happens on weekdays, so it is possible to travel at the weekend, or as long as you can be back within one day.

Can you accommodate a refugee to stay with you for up to three months? Become a host family.

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